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Beijing Century Villa

Beijing Century:  Competition design for a private Villa.


 Never before, has man found himself torn between what He can invent and what Nature can provide.

The design concept focuses on this idea.

The proposed project symbolically represents three large volumes:  Nature, Technology, and Man set in between. The hypothesis of construction of this project, envisages that the same will be looking out onto water, the natural element par excellence.

This mirrors the creativity of the human element working together with Nature’s gifts.

A further aspect, on which the design concept focuses, is the choice of materials.

Each one of the three volumes embodies an element provided by Nature: Man, in his role of responsible creator, transforms what Nature has to offer. From Fire He creates Corten Steel, which in this case covers the top volume, supported by a solid concrete, finely polished and elegant in shape. Crystal is the quintessential bridge element: its invisibility poses no obstacle between the built and the existing natural environment.

The end result is pure style.

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